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BOLD OFFERS - Home Selling Made Simple & Easy

Bold Offers has one mission - To make home selling easier and convenient.

Our vision with Bold Offers is to create a convenient and a much more easier home selling process.  We wanted the experience to be much more convenient than the traditional way of listing your home with a real estate agent.

We understand that not all situations are alike, each homeowner has a different reason on why they want to sell and at times, listing your home might not be the best option.

"Our Mission Is To Help People Simply And Streamline The Home Selling Process"

Meet The Team

Powered By Your Success

CJ Quiazon

Founder and CEO

Abbi Ilagan

Client Care Manager & Closing Coordinator

Andrew Ho

Home Buying Specialist

Let us help you make the selling experience easy and convenient!

Contact us today for a free no obligation analysis.  Is selling your home for cash the best option for you?

Call or Text (702) 723-2829 for all of your questions.

Bold offers - home selling made simple and easy

Where To Find Us

Phone:(702) 723-2829

Adress: 331 N Buffalo Dr. #110 Las Vegas Nv 89145

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday
08:00 am – 06:00 pm
Sunday – Closed

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